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Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Bernard Levin, MD

Dr. Levin held academic appointments in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago and then joined the faculty at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center as Professor of Medicine. He served as Chair of the Department of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology and Digestive Diseases and was subsequently appointed as Vice President for Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences. After retiring from the MD Anderson Cancer Center, he was appointed as Professor Emeritus...Read more

Dr. Richard Smith, MD

Richard Smith is Chair of the Board of Trustees of ICCDR,B (International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh) and Chair of Patients Know Best. He is also Chair of the Oversight Committee of the Cochrane Library, and a member of the Board of Children’s HeartLink... Read more

Dr. David M. Lawrence, MD, MPH

Dr. Lawrence served as CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals until his retirement in 2002. He was appointed CEO in 1991 and Chairman the next year. He is a member of the boards of Proteus Digital Health, Aditazz, and Cellworks. He is a member of the Health Advisory Boards of the RAND Corporation; an advisor to the CEO’s of SomaLogic, Inc., and Medial EarlySign; and is associated with Artiman Ventures...Read more

Dr. David Sidransky, MD

David Sidransky, MD is a renowned oncologist and research scientist named and profiled by TIME magazine in 2001 as one of the top physicians and scientists in America, recognized for his work with early detection of cancer. Since 1994, Dr. Sidransky has been the director of the Head and Neck Cancer Research Division at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and professor of oncology, otolaryngology, cellular & molecular medicine, urology, genetics, and pathology at John Hopkins University and Hospital...Read more

Dr. Steven Narod, MD, FRCPC, FRSC

Dr. Steven Narod is a world-leader in the field of breast and ovarian cancer genetics. Over the course of his career, he has profoundly shaped current knowledge of how to assess breast and ovarian cancer risk and reduce its mortality amongst carriers of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. He studies various aspects of cancer prevention and screening, proving that prophylactic surgeries and medications can prevent hereditary breast and ovarian cancers... Read more