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An Ideal Partner for Medical Research


Our mission of surfacing hidden insights to improve healthcare is augmented by our partnerships with leading global entities. Joining the expertise of top institutions and their masses of medical data with our progressive analytics enables both parties to reach medical horizons previously untouched.


We seek collaborations with healthcare entities, such as delivery networks, hospitals or health institutions, with access to substantial medical data, and with an interest in leveraging this data to gain valuable knowledge and advancements.

partner with HCOs, PHMs, researchers

Our partner program offers institutes the opportunity to take part in the exciting transition to data-driven healthcare.  Our partners benefit from our advanced algo-medical technology which can be used to leverage their investment in electronic records implemented in their organization, improving their care and processes. Our effort is generally self-funded when it comes to research and it allows us the breadth to hold long-term research, take scientific risks and aim for ambitious targets without being led merely by financial considerations. Needless to mention, Medial EarlySign meticulously guards patient data and maintains full discretion as required, your data is used securely, carefully and under strict data agreements and GCP.


Medial EarlySign is committed to making its partnerships a success, working closely with the experts in its partners’ institutions, and easing its partners’ pathway into data-driven healthcare.


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