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7 AI Vendors on the Leading Edge in Healthcare

7 AI Vendors on the Leading Edge in Healthcare

June 26, 2017


Cool vendors in AI for healthcare

In its new report “Cool Vendors for AI in Healthcare, 2017,” Gartner predicts a “very active and somewhat confusing healthcare AI market over the next several years.” Part of the confusion is due to “the lack of clarity in terminology and the fact that almost every vendor is capitalizing on the new bright shiny object.” The Cool Vendors selected by the research firm for this report represent some of the hottest trends in the application of AI.
Medial EarlySign
Located in Kfar Malal, Israel, Medial EarlySign “uses machine learning to predict months, even years, out an individual’s predisposition to certain cancers and metabolic and chronic diseases based on simple medical data, providing an opportunity to save lives and costs,” says Gartner analyst Laura Craft. “Medial EarlySign is predictive medicine in action. The company has amassed a database of 40 million geographically dispersed patient records and has created a set of AlgoMarkers that can predict the existence of conditions where early detection is critical or those that can be solved or prevented if detected early. The system works by utilizing machine learning AI to analyze millions of records, cross-referencing them with computerized medical knowledge, accumulated data and past results, known trends and similar cases to produce a patient-specific prediction.”
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