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Delivering clinical insights where and when patient care decisions are being made

Interfacing with a healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure, AlgoAnalyzer™ is an operating system which facilitates the extraction and communication of EHR and lab data between a healthcare provider’s IT and various calculators (computational engines) including AlgoMarkers™.

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AI-based disease risk predictors

Medial EarlySign is developing AlgoMarker™ risk predictors that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to flag patients with a high probability for harboring or developing certain illnesses. Each condition-specific AlgoMarker™ analyzes routine Electronic Health Record (EHR) data, and delivers patient risk assessment scores for healthcare professionals. Each AlgoMarker™ offers physicians, care managers, and their teams opportunities to identify high-risk individuals and populations for particular medical conditions, better allocate their resources for them, and plan for early care to potentially delay or prevent illnesses.

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