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AlgoMarker™ Clinical Risk Predictors

Medial EarlySign is developing condition-specific, app-like AlgoMarker risk predictors for healthcare organizations. These clinical solutions rely upon machine learning to help identify patients at high risk for specific medical conditions . This gives healthcare organizations opportunities for focused and preventative care.


The Clinical Rigor Driving our Model Creation

AlgoMarkers™ are app-like AI clinical risk predictors that support a healthcare organization’s care needs. Each AlgoMarker ismeticulously based upon a rigorous, multi-step methodology. The process begins with world leading expert analysis and detailed examination of current methods and treatment guidelines for each disease. It continues to the creation of cohort and outcome registries, the generation of features that enrich the data, rapidly training multiple algorithms using our proprietary database, and concludes with the rigorous evaluation and validation of various data sets.

AlgoMarker | Medial EarlySign clinical risk predictors

Each AlgoMarker Works for Healthcare Organizations

Every condition-specific AlgoMarker™ takes into account multiple potential outcomes, analyzes relevant factors in Electronic Health Records (EHR), and makes condition-specific risk assessment scores using routine patient data. They work together with our AlgoAnalyzer™ to process patient data between a healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure and our risk predictors. We are currently developing solutions for a variety of medical conditions.


LGI Flag™

The company’s first solution for the U.S. market, LGI Flag™ is a decision support software tool that identifies individuals who are at high risk of having lower GI disorders using conventional blood test results, age and gender. LGI Flag can stratify high risk individuals, often months before clinical signs are present. LGI Flag positives are associated with change in blood patterns mainly related to chronic occult GI bleeding.


AlgoMarker Key Advantages

  • Offers clinically meaningful, condition-specific patient risk predictions
  • Creates timely opportunities for early lifestyle intervention or medical care to potentially delay or prevent illnesses
  • Integrates advanced healthcare IT solution for healthcare organizations, prioritizing outcome-based and cost-effective patient care

LGI Flag is an adjunct tool to established clinical guidelines. Referral for further evaluation should be based on the clinical judgement of the care provider.

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