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LGI Flag™

LGI Flag: Lower GI Disorders

LGI Flag is a decision support software tool that identifies individuals who are at high risk of having lower GI disorders using conventional blood test results, age and gender. The tool can stratify high risk individuals, often months before clinical signs are present.

LGI Flag

LGI Flag is intended to be used by healthcare organizations as a clinical decision support system, alerting doctors on patients who are at high risk of having lower GI disorders associated with chronic occult GI bleeding. With the use of LGI Flag, healthcare organizations can reach out and prioritize high risk patients for further evaluation. The ability to pinpoint high-risk patients can help optimize the use of resources (e.g., colonoscopies) and potentially improve patient care.

LGI Flag utilizes big data to analyze thousands of complex parameters, trends and interrelationships within mass CBC data. Our technology can surface intelligent data-driven insights relating to Lower GI risks, which may be invisible under current standard scrutiny. It is part of the revolution which applies machine learning technology to healthcare, designed to help save lives, drive medical efficiency and reduce costs through improved tools supporting early detection and treatment.

Our core algorithms are built and validated through clinical data studies with over 20 million patients in 14 leading institutions around the world.


LGI Flag is an adjunct tool to established clinical guidelines. Referral for further evaluation should be based on the clinical judgement of the care provider.


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