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Custom Machine Learning Modeling

Medial EarlySign’s technology is built on the premise that many of the best ways to treat medical conditions are to identify them either before onset, or in their early stages.  The company’s big data platform integrates the latest machine learning technology and leading clinical science to create a powerful prediction engine.


Medial EarlySign built and refined a unique algorithmic platform designed to handle large medical data, including EHR, lab results, and billions of medical data elements. Our platform queries medical data at speeds up to 100x faster than conventional off-the-shelf tools. This unique approach allows Medial EarlySign to swiftly process enormous amounts of data quickly, and craft disease-specific algorithm models that predict clinical outcomes with a high degree of confidence and a low risk of overfitting. Our state-of-the-art machine learning toolset was designed to handle giant medical databases with industry-leading efficiency, and our proprietary data repository was specifically built for medical data analytics.


Additional models that target various medical conditions, and utilize new data and outcomes, can be developed with high precision and speed. Our custom solutions can deliver data-driven patient-level predictions that lead to targeted, cost-effective health management of populations and sub-populations at risk. Using our partners’ data and Medial EarlySign’s know-how, you can leverage our expertise and to create solutions for your healthcare organization that can find patient sub-populations with elevated risks for particular illnesses.


How it works

Our solution is tailor-made for your organization and is implemented by the following three steps

AI-based custom solutions for healthcare organizations


Our solutions provide clients with cost effective, non-invasive tools for personalized, accurate and proactive medicine.  By reaching those in need earlier, we help our partners to save lives and costly resources.


Contact us today to learn more about Medial EarlySign’s custom machine learning solutions for your healthcare organization’s needs.


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