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Clinical Insights from EHR and Lab Data


Transforming Mere Probability into Life-Saving Possibilities

Medial EarlySign is developing an algorithm-powered toolset using EHR and lab data to aid healthcare organizations in identifying individuals at high risk of developing illness in time for intervention to make a difference.  Our clinical risk predictors allow healthcare providers to enhance outcome-based care opportunities by potentially delaying or preventing an illness, or even saving lives


Aid in Early Indication of Cancers, Chronic Diseases, and Other Medical Conditions

Medial EarlySign is building a suite of AI-based population health and clinical decision support solutions to help improve the prognosis and treatment options for patients with life-altering medical conditions. Powered by our cognitive algorithms that analyze ordinary medical data to decode hidden warning signs, the system identifies “subtle signals” within readily available EHR and low-cost laboratory data, with the ability to ‘flag’ those individuals with a higher risk for a targeted outcome.


healthcare organizations (HCOs)
These tools can help physicians, PHMs, and care managers identify life-altering patient health risks in their early stages, resulting in a smarter and more efficient healthcare system that provides personalized, timely medical treatments, potentially leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders.


Enabling Personalized Risk Assessment

Powered by machine learning algorithms that analyze and break down the mathematical composition of data, Medial EarlySign’s patented technology constructs connections between ordinary data and hidden insights – those untold stories in EHR files. These connections may help physicians identify health risks in patients that could lead to improvement in the healthcare system as well as personalized, timely medical care – a shift that can ultimately enrich the physician-patient relationship, and the way medicine is practiced today.


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