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Laboratory and LIS Solutions

Medial EarlySign is helping transition clinical laboratories from processing samples and providing accurate lab results, to providing more sophisticated interpretation of lab results that look not only at current values but also trends and patterns in medical data. Our sophisticated machine learning solutions provide laboratories with opportunities to aid physicians in making informed, real-time decisions for patient risk stratification.


LIS solutions for laboratories | Medial EarlySignn


Our AlgoAnalyzer™ solutions for hospital laboratories fully integrate with its existing IT and existing workflows, and manage preliminary data handling activities like standardization and normalization. Laboratories can choose from various calculators and among our condition-specific AlgoMarker™ risk predictors that trigger “red alerts” for their healthcare colleagues to weigh expediting outcomes-based care for patients at high risk for particular medical conditions.  Medial EarlySign’s solutions enhance a laboratory’s role, value, and relationship within any healthcare organization.


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