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Avi Shoshan Head of Data Science Framework

Avi Shoshan has more than 20 years’ experience in Algorithms, Software Development, Data Exploration, Genomics and Image Processing. At Medial EarlySign, Avi is charged with developing algorithmic infrastructure, machine learning models, and the technological architecture of several R&D projects. Prior to EarlySign, Avi was VP R&D at Emza, where he developed real time video analytics algorithms running on embedded devices. He also developed algorithms for high end storage systems at Kashya & EMC. Furthermore, Avi headed a research group focusing on bioinformatics and computational genomics research at Compugen.   Avi holds a BSc in Math & Computer Science from the Hebrew University, and an MSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University. He published several papers and submitted patents in the fields of algorithms and genomics.